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Read, bass heavy sounds of freedom and love, appearing in many different forms, often as an 11-piece Reggae/Ska/Raregroove Band or in DJ mode with incredible visuals by das:art.

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Narren rennen
Kluge warten
Weise gehen in den Garten

(Translation: Fools run
Smart people wait
Wise people go to the garden)


Tiny Lights Studios

Tiny Lights Studios, in Hollywood, California, 1991-1996.


Love this artist: Santigold


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Some of you may know Loreley Restaurant and Biergarten in New York City. I opened the first Loreley at 7 Rivington Street on October 3, 2003. I simply brought my hometown's popular brew pub, "Kneipe", to New York, to massive positve response. Twelve years later we have been copied numerous times and an out-right beer garden explosion has taken place. A recent article in the New York Times summed it up and quoted me as the pioneer of modern beer gardens in the City.


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In Los Angeles we are working on building the newest Loreley. The new spot is housed in a barn, formerly owned by the bombshell actress Jayne Mansfield.

jayne mansfieldWe are converting the barn into a comfortable dining room with the original concept of the Cologne Brew Pub still visible. And of course it will have the most magnificent and lusciously landscaped Biergarten. The construction has taken an incredible four years and 3 months. We are finally nearing completion and will open in early 2016. For Hiring info please contact:


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Welcome to the Foosh online zine.

"No, we are not going to play Cheapness"

Keep checking back for the latest from New York, LA and Cologne.


Foosh aka
Michael Momm



Foosh Bio:

All during high school, college, music school I played parties and avidly collected popular music with a beat.

Not much later than 1997 I regularly took my record collection of popular dance music out of my studio to all these private parties in greater New York City spaces. FooshyboyThe Angel Orensanz Foundation on the Lower East Side or an artist loft on 35th and 8th, owned by music industry whiz Michael Drexler. Here without a doubt the coolest parties were happening in the nineties. These parties were fantastic dance nights where every single guest rocked out until the wee hours. They took place on the top floor of a highrise in Manhattan's fashion district. Michael, Andreas et al made their homes in a squatted deserted office penthouse. Marvelous views of the entire Manhattan Island. Not to forget a simply terrific and exhilarating 2 year residency at Zum Schneider, the first Biergarten Restaurant I was involved with in the East Village.
My name got around and I found myself playing at Laurence Fishburne's wedding to Gina Torres. With Elton, Keanu, Vernon and so many more lovely peeps celebrating to my music, this was a wonderful jump. Followed by hundreds of awesome private events, celebrity shindigs, weddings, charity carnivals, fashion shows, art openings. To this day I cherish my work as a DJ as an absolute gift and blessing and a 100% positive experience. I am so grateful. More about DJ Foosh